Monday, July 19, 2010

a rant

so i was watching some tv the other day (i never watch television anymore) and lo i tuned into MTV...and all i can say is
i remember when you were still cool, i remember getting together at a friends house and we were happy to just sit and watch and smoke and drink and talk about bands and girls. i remember when u at least tried to look as if u gave a shit. you were seposed to be the voice of the no point generation...millions of kids brought up on stories of war and protests and hippies and walking 20km in the snow to get to school...we didt have a cause or a war or even flowers in our hair, all we had was you.
and you fuckin let us down.
bad MTV
looking at you today im reminded of a silicon tit...pretty to look at but mostly fake. and the worst part of it all? u dont even care that we fact, its as if the more ur advertising your fake'ness the more were eating it up.
once again
is this really the road we want to go down? really? there are more ads on MTV for MTV then there is any real MUSIC TELEVISION and the really scary part of it all is that i can completely see this trend reflected in the lifes of the people around me. heres an example, the other night i go out for a drink, and i see these girls im friends with, but they're looking all glum and sad. so i pull out my point and click camera and start making jokes and taking some photos of us all....and they go fuckin balistic....its all pouting and posing and smiles and gigles, but the moment i put the camera away they go back to being all sad and emo. it was all a show. when the photos go up on facebook, they start commenting like crazy about what a cool evening it was and how much fun they had. it was all fake. they knew it, i knew it, but the image was more important then the deed.
and thats sad (as well)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

an old image revisited

well, in a previous post i had a bit of a conundrum...there was this image that i simply couldt figure out what it should look like (to see the post click here ) since then i have gotten the feel right!
so im going to post you all the final product shortly.
bur first, to answer a question. a lot of friends have been asking me about the new style in my latest images...and i want to clarify some of processes that go into them. one of the big elements im pushing for is to remove the 'photo' feel from the pics, so while all the work i do starts as a photograph, im using a lotta filters and blended textures to distort and remove that 14 million pixel count, to purposefully take the image from surreal digital photo to surreal digital art piece. i want the image to look and feel like a broken memory. un posed for the photo but logically arranged in my head, scratched and withered, hidden behind shadows and discoloured with time.
at least thats what im going for...
but as promised here is that other image in all its final glory:

oh and for the love of god, please leave me a comment or two if ur reading this (im a whore for that sort of thing)

ah, and heres another oldy:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

more new work

nothing new to say today, just having a very weird time at the is a lemon.
heres some new images i just finished, its a new style im playing around with and i think that slowly but surely the whole story is starting to come together in my mind. hope u all enjoy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

new work > july

hey all (i say all but really i suspect its more like 2 of you) so...should i bother telling u guys and gals about whats been going on in my life? if u voted NO then simply skip this bla, bla and look at the pretty new pictures i have for you, on.
well...the studio is basically done we have started the marketing. hopefully we will be making some moolah soon enough (the upkeep of an island is expansive u know) what u ask? what studio? well, as i briefly mentioned some friends and myself have started a studio along with a 3d and video department. its rocking. otherwise what can i tell you?
i went to some world cup matches, still dont like soccer or for that fact any sport. i drank a lot at the fan parks, still dont like beer. i hated the vuvuzellas but plan on turning one into a giant bong.recently i started making some meals and to everybodies serprise im pretty fuckin good at it.sweet. and i am now about to go enjoy some fine dining with a mate for her birthday.

and now for those pictures: