Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bushmans and the caramel cock!

wow...im noticing a bad pattern here....so far ive blogged one post on my art...and 3 on my after hours debaucheries.
we went to bushmans to celebrate that keith had a house there (who needs a reason to have fun?) we drove up, we opened some beers, we started a fire, we drank...kyal played his fuckin PSP the whole time, we got crazy, i cut my finger, we all drank some more, we sacrificed a lock of hair to the gods of good times (it worked) we sellotaped my finger up...it looked like a caramel cock.

fuck it, here's more shots of us getting up to our elbows in booze and giggles and general mischief.

some new work

so ive been playing around with a whole bunch of new looks and styles and this is what ive come up with so far.
hope u all enjoy.

there's a whole bunch more coming soon in drips and drabs
but knowing myself i will most likely be whizzing through this personal project (i get quite manic when im in a good creative mood)

Monday, April 19, 2010

easter weekend (zombies, rabbits, boozeand chocolat)

its still day 01 of the blog...but the damn thing looks so empty i thought 'fuck it, lets add some more stories.'
so here goes.
last week we had a party at a mates place (jai) over in blue water bay (a small community of awesome houses built right at the ocean mouth) the night was great, we had beer and wine and food and got tanked and i went swimming in the river (that bastard almost drowned me some years ago...i just had to get back into it.) it was easter weekend and in the spirit of zombie lords and egg laying rabbits i hid about a dozen easter eggs in the house and held what will become an annual egg hunt...everybody had fun trying to find my chocolate eggs ( evil smile)here are some pics of the night

day 01 the first post.

well...since this is my first post let me start with a formal introduction.
i am a 27 year old south african photographer and digital artists. my images can be found at www.neographis.com as well as in various online zines, websites and mags.
when i figure out where and how i will post some on here as well...
pleased to meet you.
the reason i have started this blog (god, i never thought i would be blogging) is to show you, the faceless internet zombie hordes, some of my new work (and maybe get some comments) as well as finally finding a use for the hundreds of random snapshots of myself and my buddies getting up to nonsense.
hope u enjoy