Monday, July 19, 2010

a rant

so i was watching some tv the other day (i never watch television anymore) and lo i tuned into MTV...and all i can say is
i remember when you were still cool, i remember getting together at a friends house and we were happy to just sit and watch and smoke and drink and talk about bands and girls. i remember when u at least tried to look as if u gave a shit. you were seposed to be the voice of the no point generation...millions of kids brought up on stories of war and protests and hippies and walking 20km in the snow to get to school...we didt have a cause or a war or even flowers in our hair, all we had was you.
and you fuckin let us down.
bad MTV
looking at you today im reminded of a silicon tit...pretty to look at but mostly fake. and the worst part of it all? u dont even care that we fact, its as if the more ur advertising your fake'ness the more were eating it up.
once again
is this really the road we want to go down? really? there are more ads on MTV for MTV then there is any real MUSIC TELEVISION and the really scary part of it all is that i can completely see this trend reflected in the lifes of the people around me. heres an example, the other night i go out for a drink, and i see these girls im friends with, but they're looking all glum and sad. so i pull out my point and click camera and start making jokes and taking some photos of us all....and they go fuckin balistic....its all pouting and posing and smiles and gigles, but the moment i put the camera away they go back to being all sad and emo. it was all a show. when the photos go up on facebook, they start commenting like crazy about what a cool evening it was and how much fun they had. it was all fake. they knew it, i knew it, but the image was more important then the deed.
and thats sad (as well)

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