Friday, July 9, 2010

new work > july

hey all (i say all but really i suspect its more like 2 of you) so...should i bother telling u guys and gals about whats been going on in my life? if u voted NO then simply skip this bla, bla and look at the pretty new pictures i have for you, on.
well...the studio is basically done we have started the marketing. hopefully we will be making some moolah soon enough (the upkeep of an island is expansive u know) what u ask? what studio? well, as i briefly mentioned some friends and myself have started a studio along with a 3d and video department. its rocking. otherwise what can i tell you?
i went to some world cup matches, still dont like soccer or for that fact any sport. i drank a lot at the fan parks, still dont like beer. i hated the vuvuzellas but plan on turning one into a giant bong.recently i started making some meals and to everybodies serprise im pretty fuckin good at it.sweet. and i am now about to go enjoy some fine dining with a mate for her birthday.

and now for those pictures: