Thursday, May 31, 2012


nothing much new to say...going to jo'burg again soon, have to discuss some business with a old friend and hook up with mike and jo. oh, by the way, it looks like mike and jo might be heading to L.A early next year to do some work with a record label....and im going to go with. so thats pretty sweet.
while i start pondering how much sunscreen my pasty arse will need heres a new image for u guys and gals.

Friday, May 25, 2012

and as promised (in the this are some new images.

hehe, this is a concept cover for some friends i did. u have no idea how hard it is to destroy a city...i have a new found respect for evil villains.

time flies

as per usual, my brain has been wondering all over the place for the last couple of months. Thats not to say that i haven't been keeping busy...since my last post, heres whats been happening:
-i met my canadian cousin for the first time, we got along greatly and ended up going on a whole bunch of fuckin awesome roadtrips all over S.A including hogsback (my first time there, it rocked) and a trip to johannesburg ( i liked it so much i ended up staying for close to 3 months) next time im planning on taking a little trip up to her part of the world.
- in jo'burg i finally got to meet Jo and Mike. great people with a great attitude. since then we've been in close contact with various plans to take over the world onedesign / graphic / t-shirt / song at a time.
j & M, looking forward to seeing u guys again soon.
-4 of my friends have gotten married and 2 buddies have bought their first house. im starting to feel a bit old....
-dave wants me to go on a american cross country roadtrip
-mike wants me to go to italy
-my mom wants me to go for supper more often...
-ive started putting together a small but fast growing network of port elizabeth artists ( the mercury artists alliance) and hopefully we will be doing our first group exhibitions within the next months.
-on that note, ive been hard at work for the lat 2 months preparing for my first solo exhibition. this is something ive been wanting to do for donkey years. finally ive found the right printer and the right kind of paper to work with, so, end of this year expect to see my bald, bearded face hanging in p.e., g-town, jozzi and capetown.
-aaaaaaaand! after what feels like a lifetime, my tattoo is finally 100% finished. and it looks fantastic. it longer all together then it took my mother to give birth to me. preparing to do a new shoot and show it off as soon as my house isent so fuckin cold.
oh, and i threw p.e.'s first steampunk party... it was awesome. (pics or it didt happen? cool, here u go)