Wednesday, July 14, 2010

an old image revisited

well, in a previous post i had a bit of a conundrum...there was this image that i simply couldt figure out what it should look like (to see the post click here ) since then i have gotten the feel right!
so im going to post you all the final product shortly.
bur first, to answer a question. a lot of friends have been asking me about the new style in my latest images...and i want to clarify some of processes that go into them. one of the big elements im pushing for is to remove the 'photo' feel from the pics, so while all the work i do starts as a photograph, im using a lotta filters and blended textures to distort and remove that 14 million pixel count, to purposefully take the image from surreal digital photo to surreal digital art piece. i want the image to look and feel like a broken memory. un posed for the photo but logically arranged in my head, scratched and withered, hidden behind shadows and discoloured with time.
at least thats what im going for...
but as promised here is that other image in all its final glory:

oh and for the love of god, please leave me a comment or two if ur reading this (im a whore for that sort of thing)

ah, and heres another oldy:


  1. wow,ive been following your work for a while now, im these new images are lovely! i like what you're doing so far.

  2. have a comment,no need to be a whore bout it =)

  3. hehehe,its me...but lets see if you can figure out who that is exactly

  4. and by the by...there are two different anonymous people here

  5. oooooh, now thats a bit tough...i think u should give me a clue

  6. =) just be content knowing at least two people view this and like your work...alot

  7. i must the end of a really shit day, its comments like this one that make it all feel cool again.
    thanx anonymous