Friday, April 29, 2011

new flesh

so here is a new piece just for you. :) ive been playing around with close up shots of distorted and pulling skin. not really 100% happy with the effect just yet, but im getting closer and closer everytime.
hope u guys and gals enjoy looking at it as much as i enjoyed making it. p.s. getting the shots of the skin was the really fun part...hmmm....think i might need some more shots soon.
simon subrosa, over and out

Thursday, April 7, 2011

new piece up

so...some of u might know that ive been going through a pretty tough time...and i wont lie, my creative side has shriveled into a little quivering ball (its in the corner of the room right now crying like a little girl) but slowly, with a little help from my old friends music and whiskey i think im starting to get back on my feet.
big new plans are under way for a complete revamping of identity. new site coming soon. new title coming soon. new business model coming soon. new bottle of jack daniels coming soon. chat soon. simon over and out.