Thursday, October 25, 2012

aaand one more

some more new stuff

here's whats been happening.
my great dane had puppies (14 of them) my houses flooded again. i didt sleep for 2 days and started tripping a bit.  i did a great boudoir shoot, but the memory card got corrupted... that really pissed me off.
for some reason everybody has become really curious about me and for the last week ive been getting at least 3 emails a day drilling my brain with questions.
the business (studio) is doing good and money is slowly starting to flow back in rather then simply disappearing into the void that is office furniture.
i had a friend explain various website database non static IT internet terms and principles to me for 3 hours...i think i got aout 10% of it. hoping to get my new project (the corr) started by years end.
also, i went to capetown for a week and stayed in obz (my first time thee in 7 years)
i loved it

now, heres some new images

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

war, big guns & a red sky 01

just havin' some fun in my new studio. been wanting to do a post apocalypse series for some time now. here's image number 01