Wednesday, June 16, 2010

me...and my URL

nothing to say here...just adding some more pics.


hey all, so ive been jamming a lotta borderlands lately (kick ass game) and i sepose that some of that hard edge cartoon style graphics have rubbed off on me. so here are some new image i did tonight, its still rough but inch by inch i think im getting the hang of this. frankly, i really enjoyed doing these, in fact...i think for my next series of work im going to start setting up scene and shooting for a narrative...kinda like a comic, or graphic novel.

should be fun.

oh, and before i forget, some friend and myself have decided to start a business! its pretty snazzy, we have a photography studio, video production labs and 3d rendering department....more on this next time.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

B. and the mechanical owls

this is going to be a quick little blog post.
i have just found some work from a new artist (well new to my eyes) and let me tell you....this guy rocks.
see his work here
no, really...stop reading this...and click on the link.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

my new island!

hey hey! finally some good news! i have just found out that my uncle (the one from Bavaria that i never knew i had) has deceased and left me a little something island!
 now a lotta the family didt like him (due to his mad obsession with taking over the world, various cooky laboratory experiments and love of the dr moreau movies...) but i think he was a pretty swell kinda guy.
the agent has just sent me this funky pic of the island from a birds eye view.
im telling you, i cant wait to go out and explore the place. the beach of red sand, the forest of crying children, the cove of lost dreams....i do think that i will be re naming some of the spot through.....something more like the 'cove of lost panties'....yea...that sounds better already.
anyway, next week im off for the isle of dhoom (that name is going to have to go as well...any ideas for a new one?)
see you all later.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

still sick...but here is some art still sick, i dont think that anybody could have foreseen that the ice bath idea would not work....and since waking up from my chilled out coma slumber i have this weird scar on my back, just above my hip....bizarre.......
I am now all dosed up on pain killers and whiskey and as such cant really think of anything cool to instead i will post some pics and links from other artists that i have come to admire and befriend.
firstly we have

                                                                        Seth siro anton

next up is

                                                                      Natalie Shau

and we have

                                                                  Chad michael ward

some great art from some uber artists on the names to visit there sites and let them know.
i think next time around i will showcase some of the local S.A. talent
until next time, cheers

Friday, June 4, 2010


*sneeze*sniff*hack*hack* some strange karmic turn of events i have become sick (not like that! ive always been a little sick in the head...) and just 2 days ago i was bragging how i never get sick and laughing at all my ill buddies. i have tried to dose myself with medlemon and whiskey (actually, being sick is a great excuse to get a nice day time buzz going) but i feel its only addressing the symptoms, not the cause. so here is my new anti flu plan.
i figure that the flu virus needs a temp of at least 37 degrees to survive (in the human host) so today i will be creating a.........ICE BATH!! thats right! im going to freeze the little fuckers out! hahahahahahaha!!!!
now rest assured i have done extensive research on this (i googled it) and nobody has said that it WONT work.
so yay! me.
on a slightly different note, my buddy sumografica is launching two new books twisted vixxens and book of the dead. expect to read more about them soon, however if you are a illustrator or photographer and would be keen to be part of the books i have included the links here .
and here is another one of the images i will be sending to him.