Friday, August 13, 2010


so ive been killing the new nine inch nails project, how to destroy angels....frankly, its fuckin awesome and i have it on repeat 24/7.
otherwise, here is some new work (and some old pieces re hashed.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a dream

so i have been very quite on here lately (again) apologies all a round. but its not entirely my fault. you see, a while ago i started having these really lucid dreams, and for a week now at least once a night i revert back to the same strange dream realm. each time the plot thickens and the setting widens. the same characters and places reappearing over and over, becoming more and more 3dimensional. this isent really new to me, as far back as i can remember ive been slipping into these partially awake partially asleep imaginary worlds. but this new one has really gotten my head spinning, ive been writing down the details of them and now i will divulge some of those here to you anonymous readers.

the whole thing started with a younger me walking through a vast watery swampland, hot and wet and teaming with small creatures and life. i find a large circular wall and dive under the water to get inside it. as i surface im faced with a huge tree made of solid gold and a massive old snake coiled through its branches, after that the snake and i sit and talk for the rest of the dream,. it tells me that the city dwellers want the gold from its tree to make them richer and to further there plans for total mind domination. dream one ends. the next couple of dreams have all sort off mixed in together, like the memory of some childhood holiday trip, but here are some of the main points from them.

the next bunch of dreams all happen in a huge city.
in this dream future the citizens are all content with life. all differences and abnormalities have been medicated and marketed out. we take a toxic green pill to make us want to go to gym, we take a red pill to make us want to spend more money, a blue pill that makes us enjoy our job and a cyan pill that makes us want to fuck each other without feeling guilty the next day.

in this city we are products that consume, we have become like cars or computers...we have ourselves upgraded with pharmaceuticals and fashion. our market share rises with each 'thumbs up like' on facebook. we buy new product to define our own social reality. factory made khaki shorts and synthetic jungle boots for those that wish to belong to the tribe of adventurous naturalistic types. silver hotpants and moon boots with neon glowing bracelets for those that want to belong to the battlestar galactica tribe. music and food and friends and fashion all acting like a personal PR campaign, our own personal marketing strategies to allow us to belong to whatever social fad happens to catch our fancy.

the people in this huge sprawling cement city have become products themselves, seeing each other as a commodity and in turn knowing that they are commodities. consuming products and peers alike to feel loved and to believed that they are important and not alone. they have become walking simulacrum of what a human should be. they have fast forwarded the process of life. created quick touch buttons for experiences and perceptions. the dualistic nature of there lives force them to belong in order to be free. but the saddest part of it all is that they know this is not as it should be, that they this way is not what was intended.

anyway...thats the way this dream has been going so far, sometime i will tell u guys and gals about the weird and wacky characters i keep meeting.

till next time