Saturday, June 5, 2010

still sick...but here is some art still sick, i dont think that anybody could have foreseen that the ice bath idea would not work....and since waking up from my chilled out coma slumber i have this weird scar on my back, just above my hip....bizarre.......
I am now all dosed up on pain killers and whiskey and as such cant really think of anything cool to instead i will post some pics and links from other artists that i have come to admire and befriend.
firstly we have

                                                                        Seth siro anton

next up is

                                                                      Natalie Shau

and we have

                                                                  Chad michael ward

some great art from some uber artists on the names to visit there sites and let them know.
i think next time around i will showcase some of the local S.A. talent
until next time, cheers

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