Friday, June 4, 2010


*sneeze*sniff*hack*hack* some strange karmic turn of events i have become sick (not like that! ive always been a little sick in the head...) and just 2 days ago i was bragging how i never get sick and laughing at all my ill buddies. i have tried to dose myself with medlemon and whiskey (actually, being sick is a great excuse to get a nice day time buzz going) but i feel its only addressing the symptoms, not the cause. so here is my new anti flu plan.
i figure that the flu virus needs a temp of at least 37 degrees to survive (in the human host) so today i will be creating a.........ICE BATH!! thats right! im going to freeze the little fuckers out! hahahahahahaha!!!!
now rest assured i have done extensive research on this (i googled it) and nobody has said that it WONT work.
so yay! me.
on a slightly different note, my buddy sumografica is launching two new books twisted vixxens and book of the dead. expect to read more about them soon, however if you are a illustrator or photographer and would be keen to be part of the books i have included the links here .
and here is another one of the images i will be sending to him.

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