Thursday, June 10, 2010

my new island!

hey hey! finally some good news! i have just found out that my uncle (the one from Bavaria that i never knew i had) has deceased and left me a little something island!
 now a lotta the family didt like him (due to his mad obsession with taking over the world, various cooky laboratory experiments and love of the dr moreau movies...) but i think he was a pretty swell kinda guy.
the agent has just sent me this funky pic of the island from a birds eye view.
im telling you, i cant wait to go out and explore the place. the beach of red sand, the forest of crying children, the cove of lost dreams....i do think that i will be re naming some of the spot through.....something more like the 'cove of lost panties'....yea...that sounds better already.
anyway, next week im off for the isle of dhoom (that name is going to have to go as well...any ideas for a new one?)
see you all later.

1 comment:

  1. I think you should call it the isle of Jan ;-) Especially because I'm taking the house at the top you can live in the little blue one and bring me breakfast every morning! hehe