Thursday, May 6, 2010

the slave who became a...oh screw it...

 captains log, VAC (vegging at computer) date 2010.05.06

oh wow....the cost for my mates car is quite a bit higher then we thought it would be.
screw this whole photography / creative entrepreneur shit, when i grow up i wanna be a mechanic!
sowhat does this meen for poor (very poor now) old simon? it means that i will have to seriously curb my party habits....its xbox and box wine for the next month or two for me my friends.
if anybody sees me out, feel free to buy me a beer...and smack it over my head. it would be the kind thing to do.
but who knows, maybe this is just what i needed, an excuse to save money and spend more time on my business and personal projects. (like watching the entire Boston legal collection in one sitting)
The truly sad news is that SLAVE apparel will have to sit at the back of the bus, like the acne faced loser kid at school, its full potential seen only by its ill equipped parents.
so...on that note i will be posting some of the designs for slave, if anybody knows anybody else that could help get this off the ground and in the pants of the high school cheerleader please send me a msg.
no really, please....

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