Friday, May 7, 2010

its friday!

the recipe for a great Friday , in my opinion, goes like this: 1. wake up, smile, its friday! 2. get coffee, light first cigarette,  check emails for any last minute client jobs and or changes to projects. 3.put on some great happy music. 4. start doing whatever you need to do to get the sunlight part of the day out of the picture. 5.get home, check emails/facebook one last time (there is nothing worse then expecting a cool weekend only to find you have to work 07:00 on sat... 6. play more happy music (currently its the dandy warhols for me) 7. go to your place of party, smile when you walk in, buy first drink. 8. buy second drink. third drink. 10. by this point you wont care whats on my silly little list!
hahahaha! im really looking forward to tonight, as it will be my last big party for quite some time (read previous post to know why) additionally we are celebrating Keiths success tonight, he will be moving to johannesburg where i imagine he will get a cool bachelors pad and make lots of cool new friends and buy lots of cool new things with his cool new paycheck (or become a coke-head) This is good as it means that i have a cool place to go crash at when im in jozzi again.

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