Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oh shit...

thats right...oh shit....
this week has been a crazy ride of ups and downs, firstly i have some new art (look at the pics) i think the work represents how ive been feeling lately quite nicely, so yes i am happy with them. (hooray!)
secondly, ive gotten a fire lit under my arse to start with SLAVE apparel again (an on/off side project of mine, creating a t-shirt label) hopefully this time i will get some decent quality tees and prints set up for your purchasing pleasure. (i know how much u peeps like to buy stuff)
more  :)
but then last night
and this is a big buuuuuuuut....
i drove my mates car home...and kinda dinged it in a wall....dont ask what happened, im still unsure of the details myself, suffice to say i was about to turn into the drive way, there was a flash of bright light, i missed the turn and his car made sweet love to a stone wall....
oh shit.
i will be paying for damages and as a result...SLAVE will once again have to wait for a while.
sux to be slave.
tune in soon for more bla, blas

and here is a hint of whats to come (one day...i hope)
slave apparel

1 comment:

  1. Heavy...dinged the car, Si!!
    Everyone has their first accident, mine was rear-ending a standing still car.
    At least you've gotten the first accident out the way and no one died. :)