Monday, May 10, 2010

the projects (all things big and small)

silly me, i went and fell a sleep at a reasonable hour...and woke up at 2am...this is going to be a long day.
So to pass time I've decided to make some new posts, this one will cover some of those side projects i keep talking about.
In my last posts we spoke a bit about SLAVE apparel, the t-shirt range, so this time i will skip Slave and jump strait to all the other little things i am working on.
firstly there's DIRTYMAG

The idea with dirtymag was a simple one, i saw a gap in the south african market and thought to exploit it. Dirtymag was seposed to be a means for local graphic artists, tattoo artists,  photographers, models, fashion designers and writers to get there work showcased to a broader world network, all uncensored. I thought to myself, " hey i like dark art, good stories and sticking it to the system, but i hate the way the articles are always Lets start a online mag with none of that prissy bullshit. Lets showcase S.A talent right next to the awesome overseas guys and gals."
Dirtymag started off great, i pulled a team together and withing a week we had a handful of interviews set up, we had pictures and we had a theme, but then calamity struck...we soon found our selves swamped with pressure and overflowing with real day to day work, we were juggling our personal project with our bread and butter incomes. As such, Dirtymag slowly drifted away. That said, i still think its a great idea and its something i would love to pursue again one day.

Next on the agenda is the SUBROSA TAROT

I have always had a deep fascination with the tarot, in my younger years i used to collect various decks. Everything from the Rider to the Giger, one night during a bit of a shindig at my place various friends commented on some of my images i had printed and stuck on a door, they kept asking me if these were tarot cards and were they could get some. I thought, "hey, now theres an idea!"
Since that night i have been slowly converting some of my work to a tarot format as well as doing new work to fit with the model.I have also been dealing with a close friend who knows a lot more about the occult then i, its going to rock. This is one of those projects i really love, as it has the potential to get my art out there as well as generate a free standing income.
Expect to read more on this as it happens.

and then finally...the big one, the dream goal, the mecca of all obscure artists.
This one pretty much speaks for itself, i want my art in a published book. That's it, it's that simple.

I tried to get this done some years ago, when i was naive and thought it would be simple. For some reason i assumed that the publishers were all sitting around just waiting for something to fall into there laps, after spending about 2 months emailing everybody i could think of, i kept getting the same response, 'simon, we love your work, but until you get a international name for yourself, we cant help. Good luck' So i started to get a name, i entered comps (and won quite a few) i submitted to magazines (and got published) i asked all my international artists buddies for nice words i could quote ("Simon's work skates the fine line between cutting and bleeding edge. Dark, sexy and dangerous, his art is like a trance you can't break." - (CHAD MICHAEL WARD) but alas, it now seems that i need to be someplace other then south africa to get this dream fulfilled, and that's a pity, since i really like this country. (most days)

here are some links to cool stuff thats been said about my work:

This is the beginning . Our savior rises out of the dust of his ancestors to procreate with erotic malformed entities. His screams erase the pulsating signals of a thousand screens. This is a realm far too impure to call heaven and much too familiar to be known as hell. These are the visions of a savage new world . the world of Simon Subrosa. Yes, this is the beginning, the beginning of great things to come.

(co-founder of the Talent DataBase)
Simon's work is incredible. His art challenges us on an emotional level. Dreamy, dark, thought provoking, haunting. I have never seen anything quite like it.

Founder (Copper Age)

What can i say about Simons's work that won't be damning it with faint praise? I'll give it my best shot but when you take a look at the'll know exactly what i mean. and why words aren't enough. Subrosa's work is Edgy, Timeless, evocative, painterly, and dream like. It's wild, skillful and like nothing else, anywhere. It's like..a new visual mythology. it, profoundly rocks.

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