Thursday, May 20, 2010

sorry its been so quite.

i know , i know...i have been neglecting my blogging duties. my friends have been bitching at me all week to add another post, but i just dont have anything to say. so i have decided to post some of the stuff my friends have been sending me, here goes.

J.F. Kennedy: i are'a still waiting for my'a next RRS feed'a from your blog! ask not what your'a blog can do for you...but rather what you can post'a in your blog.
(thanks jfk, its always nice hearing from you again, we should get a beer sometime)

Elvis presley: hey mann, so, uh, wheres the new stuff? i meanna your blog. its like a toasted bannana and peanut butter sandwich...without the bannana.
(dude...uve got to stop eating that shite...its going to make u fat and kill you.)

Danny Crane: i see a blog as a relationship, and when when im in a committed relationship with a blog....i read very few other blogs. just dont tell anybody i read yours...they might think im a commi...
(sleep over danny?)

Larry page & Sergey Brin: dude, after that chat we had, the one where u told us your idea for an online diary, we went through all the hassle of making you blogger....and then 10 years later you finally start a blog and now look at it. your not even using it....tsk, the way, could explain that idea you had for taking over facebook again, sounded ummm...very promising.
(you guys need to chillax a little....take a day off, come over for some martini's in the pool again)

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