Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the Muse

Ive been pondering whether i should write this post for some time now....and i think i will.
let me introduce you to my Muse.
this girl is crazy sexy and wicked smart, and we all know what happens when you combine those two aspects ...thats right, you get issues. and thank Mr Deity for it! you see unlike most melodramatic emo chiks out there Laura uses her dark and twisted mind to create. She harnesses the power of her past pains and unyielding spirit to make art (and damn fine food) not only for herself but also for others.
This lady has been the greatest inspiration for my art, not only in ideas but also in the flesh. A rock to stand on  and a S&M bondage whipping when i need it. Laura has given the last 6 years of my life colour.
thanx lau.
If its ever in my power you're getting a ranch filled with horses.
here are some pics of lau Ive taken as well as a link or two to her art, if you get a chance, tell her how cool it is.
she deserves it.

here are those links i promised. enjoy!

Alice immortal part 1:

Alice immortal part 2:

and her



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  1. I still need to meet my muse... She's still not returning my calls. I can stream her at least --->