Friday, June 8, 2012

its me!

yea, yea, yea...i know, its a little vain, a little 'what the fuck? why is this bold ass taking pictures of himself?'
but its something of a tradition. every year i try and take at least one photo of myself. its partially to see how much i've changed with time and partially because im almost never in front of the cameras (being a photographer means that ur always the guys holding the camera.)
oh, and i wanted to show of my new tattoo. huuuuge thanx to richard from otherworld studios in P.E. it took us a while but we finally got that shit done. thanx buddy.
i'll try to get some more detailed pics of it up soon.
aaaaaand then, i just got my new camera today! will try and take some shots that have less texture over them so u guys and gals can all see the incredible detail this thing offers. seriously. the photos look sharper then real life.


  1. Dude,I take photos of myself *all-the-time*...mostly because no-one can ever get my fkn chipmunk face at the right angle...(right-angle hur hur hur)...Anyway, kick ass pick. Fkn loving the steampunk. Anyway, time for another wine slushee...w00t motherfucker :D