Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the art of boredom

the tagline for this blog is 'the bla, bla bla's of a bored artist' so for this post i decided to get my hands dirty and discuss the meaning ( to me of course) of the term bored.
(and yes i am bored as i write this)
firstly, let me start this ramble off by indicating that by no means do i perceive 'bored' as a negative state. in fact it is my opinion that the word has been grossly misused by little children and stoner students alike. it is boredom that leads us to produce, create and innovate, next time you eat a KFC Double Down or read the latest issue of 'the helm' blame that awesome shit on boredom. ultimately boredom is a sign of luxury, being able to be bored means that one does not have to work some crazy 10 hour a day soul crushing job for 'the man' nor are you pushing and pulling for some dream to come true (that your parent most likely instilled in you) no my dear readers, to be bored is to acknowledge that the world you are in is not all together great and its up to you to put some fun into it.

but make no mistake, boredom is a double edged sword, in the right state of mind it can lead to wonderful new things (im fairly sure most of the kama sutra started with somebody saying "nah, im bored of that position...what else could we do?") but taken to far boredom can easily become that woo girl you met at the bar last night, it seemed like a good idea at the time...but to much of it will crush the soul out of you.

no my friends, to dance with boredom is to tango with death itself (but with less death and more...sighing)
it can take you to unimaginable heights (if you use the boredom to fuel you forward) but one step past that event horizon and you're screwed, stuck forever in a limbo of  "theres nothing to do....nothing....to do....ever....*sigh*) (but then again...you'd probably get really good at video games....and that could make you quite rich now a days)

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